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Benefits Of Public Relations

Public relations is used by big companies such as Apple, Microsoft and others for a reason. It helps reach out to the public through media. And the good news is that it is usually cheaper than advertising. Companies complement advertising with public relations in a way that brings a potential for more exposure than ad spend and this is why companies look to public relations.

Public relations is the process of a public relations agency providing a news link for important events and things for the public which they then work with media to present that message to the media.

Events and things can include a new product coming out, a new store opening, a store moving, events for a product coming out (this is what companies like Apple, Microsoft and others have done for years), and so many more. It can also be about public awareness such as a product recall or a new update like a new versions of Windows is coming out by Microsoft, and this is an important consideration that it is good to look at.

Whether it was Windows 95 or Windows 2000 or Windows 7 or 8, you will find that the press had an interest in covering the story of the new release of Windows and it is also how Microsoft benefited with billions of dollars of sales and revenue due to these public relations campaigns.

You can benefit from public relations as well. There are many benefits of public relations and the above story about Microsoft and the Windows operating system shows that public relations can really matter.

Whether it is new features or updates, fixes or new products, public relations can benefit many organizations as well as many scenarios.

For example, we have seen how technology and software companies can benefit from public relations. The benefits of public relations can also apply to other manufacturers such as car companies, and in fact all manufacturers can benefit from public relations. Also shops and stores can benefit in many ways such as in special campaigns that join sponsoring events or making events as one example.

The press are always looking for stories and so public relations can benefit your organization. One thing to remember about public relations is unlike advertising where you know you will get the spot, public relations is something that media decides on. Press, journalists, reporters and editors decide what they will cover but this is where public relations on mass to many media outlets will enable a chance for getting coverage. And when it does it can bring big benefits to business.

The costs of public relations also is much less than advertising in all the publications that public relations agencies get your message to. It would cost many billions of dollars to get advertising in all the media out there, but to do publics relations and get a chance to access that media and get coverage is why it is well worth it to keep a portion of marketing budgets directly on public relations.

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