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South Sea Pearls The Most Expensive Pearls To Find

When looking at pearls, we have the akoyas, we have the tahiti pearls, freshwater pearls and more, but one that is one of the most distinquishing in colors and hues and size is the south sea pearl. South sea pearls come from the south seas from places like Australia. South Sea pearls can reach thousands of dollars per pearl and there are many reasons for this.

South sea pearls are considered the Rolls Royce of pearls thanks to their amazing hues that you can find, such as the champagne south sea pearl colour wherein just like a bottle of champagne has that radient golden hues. You also can find white and silver as well as a gold colour and others. This contrasts differently than akoya pearls which have a more white colour range and don’t have that hue that you would expect to find on south sea pearls. South sea pearls can exhibit pink, green, gold and other hues as you look at that which is really impressive and allows the south sea pearl to hold a much higher price on the market.

Akoya pearls also tend to be smaller.

Something interesting with South sea pearls is there size, and they can reach mm ranges much higher than other pearls, thus enabling a higher price to be found.

South sea pearls also are not as uniform as akoya pearls. South sea pearls have unique shapes making them more often fitting into baroque styles. Each south sea pearl will appear different and no pearl will be exactly the same either in color or in size or shape. They are really impressive to own and see. Compared to other pearls they are well worth purchasing.

South sea pearls can be found in all kinds of different jewellery, such as south sea pearl pendant jewellery, south sea pearl earrings, south sea pearl necklaces, south sea pearl rings, and other kinds of jewellery items.

South sea pearls are often found being worn by super stars due to their expensive prices and lucious look when worn.

South sea pearl jewellery can also include one pearl or a number of pearls.

Unlike the more rounded akoya, south sea pearls are generally not going to be found in that perfect circular shape, often exhibiting potato pearl as their roundedness, however button south sea pearls are more common and these make a great part in south sea pearl pendant jewellery and on rings with south sea pearls.

With all the options for pearls, it is a great idea to have south sea pearl jewellery due to their prices and the amazing way that they look. Why not check out these south sea pearl pendant jewellery through Atlantian Manufacturing product range available through World’s Shopping!

South Sea Pearl Pendant 1

South Sea Pearl Pendant 2

South Sea Pearl Pendant 3

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