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Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Agency

Try A Million Digital Marketing Services

- The Internet -

3,611,842,833 People around the World that now use the Internet.

With more than half the World population now using the Internet, it doesn’t matter if you run a local business like a restaurant or a global business catering to the World. Online and offline, the Internet is an important place to gain potential buyers and turn them into real customers.

Digital Marketing is the art of using digital as a medium that enables your organization to get more clients and customers, whatever your business.

- Digital Marketing -
Try A Million’s Digital Marketing services caters for local and global, small and large businesses and enterprises through several routes of promotion. We evaluate your organization and goals to provide you the best route to sustain and grow your organization.

– Service Pillars –

Try A Million’s Digital Marketing services include several marketing and promotion pillars.

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Content Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Social Media Management
  • Advertising (online and offline)
  • Public Relations
  • Video Marketing
  • Copywriting
  • Blogging

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Google Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is the science and art of moving your website to the top of search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing!

Each day, Internet users use these search engines and thousands of others to find what they need, such as blue widgets!


Website Ranking

Search engines such as Google can have millions or more of competing pages trying to get visitors for those terms.

You often are up against millions of other competitor pages that you are competing to be number one.

Search engines such as Google have over 200 factors they use to determine who holds what place in the search engine for a specific term.

When you consider that Google will only show at most 1,000 pages and 10,000 results, many organizations are not even showing up.


Ranking In GoogleAt Try A Million Digital Marketing services, we provide services that focus on your website, and also off your website, through analysis of your market, not only can we find what is not showing up, but also what is and where and for what. We then can in accordance with your monthly budget determine what your market is searching for, and select terms that you have a good chance to hold key positions in sites such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

If you have a website and not showing up for your business name or don’t even have a website for your business or a very basic one, contact Try A Million today and let our Digital Marketing solutions help you gain an important place in search engines. Without it, even a business that does not operate on the Internet will be losing out on important clients and customers who can’t find you.

Content Marketing


Content Marketing is the art of high value. Through books to info graphics, whitepapers and content, not only can we target more search terms to target in search engines in many cases but we can bring a targeted yet broader interest in your organization.

Content Marketing is out there marketing, getting content that interests popular websites with a twist that brings them back to your website, this is the science of Content Marketing, and Try A Million with its ability to understand your target market, can bring these solutions which are essential.

We all know the power of getting a magazine to even mention a business, it can transform them over night, and Content Marketing allows bringing a higher perceived value to people before they even enter your door!


Happy Mothers Day

Social Media Marketing today is an important factor on the Internet. With social networking websites such as Facebook sporting 1 billion people logging into their accounts each day, Social Media is here to stay.

With each like being a further thumbs up for your organization and more followers and fans showing a perceived organization of value, Social Media Marketing is bringing presence, noise and buzz.

Try A Million provides you these Social Media Marketing services so that you have presence, perceived value, noise and buzz.


– Social Media Management –

Unless you regularly are in contact with the likes, fans and followers, people will not know you exist. Try A Million Social Media Management, handles your social media accounts, providing a carefully planned, timed and executed strategy of content so that your fans and followers constantly are aware of your organization.

Marketing Agency



Advertising has always been a fast route to gain access to a broad range of people. Depending on the route, you can gain a general interest or you can get more targeted. The web allows this benefit but with more fine tuning.



Advertising Agency


Digital Advertising AgencyAt Try A Million, our Digital Marketing services bridge both online and offline, allowing you to capture your market and get clients and customers.

Our online Digital Marketing solutions access marketing on places such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, Facebook and Twitter, as well as partnerships with many online media brands to get your message to your target market.Advertise In Magazines

We offer both digital and offline traditional media solutions through our partnerships. Through analysis of your organization we can put in place the best solutions for marketing to your target market from design to release.

We don’t stop there. We test, and perform analysis and adjust marketing so that you get the best ROI from your advertising.

With our trained copywriters matched toward your budget, we can constantly work to make sure your advertising is producing maximum results.

Advertise In Times Square

Bridging Digital Marketing with the real World. Here we have advertising appear on Times Square through our media partnerships throughout the World.

Public Relations AgencyWhether you need to notify the public about a new retail store opening near their location or notifying the public over a breakthrough, Public Relations offers a great route to getting into the news and keeping the public informed about you.

With the Internet, Public Relations takes on multiple formats, from getting your news into the real world, and online, you have bloggers and online media sites to have to contend with to get your message heard.

As all news is good news, Try A Million crafts news so that you can regularly have news to say. Bridging our content marketing services with PR, whitepapers, books, and other custom designed hooks enable your organization to regularly get access to journalism online and offline, through TV, Radio, Magazines, Newspapers & Tabloids, and online and through blogs.

We can determine the PR needs for your organization, from crafting news to getting news to media, as well as depth of PR, such as construction of media kits, events, and personalized items that magnify PR to new levels.

Public Relations

Digital Marketing at Try A Million focuses on key areas such as text, audio, and visual as in images, but the access to faster Internet access with broadband for many people in the World, has enabled video to be an effective medium to use, and it is one that many organizations are not using because of the perceived costs. However, video marketing does not have to be expensive. For some areas such as music and musicians, film and cast, video is an essential in today’s media, for others, video can be an effective medium to get people to know about your brands and products.

More and more people are choosing to watch video online instead of on television. Most smart televisions today even allow you to watch Websites like YouTube, and Vimeo from the television.

Full service video concept, design, film crew, graphics, CGI, editing, pre-production, voice talent, celebrity talent, and optimization.

From concept to creation, whether few or many, Try A Million Digital Marketing services for video media allow us to create video content how you need. Whether it is the focus of a high quality ad style video or something as simple as crafting a new star with basic video in quantity or information about your business, Try A Million can.

You don’t have to wait for a major television station to get your weekly restaurant show on air, we can get you there in a quicker time frame!

Basic Video Brochure for business.

It doesn’t stop there. Once your video is created, now there is a need to get the viewers. Try A Million’s Digital Video Marketing solutions helps you to get viewers, and more importantly, rank in search engines such as Google and in search results when people perform a search in video websites such as YouTube.

Video Marketing does not have to even include a video, such as in this video from the Internet star PewDiePie with 54 million subscribers on YouTube. The amazing thing is that you probably never heard about him!

CopywritersFrom brochures to direct mail pieces, post cards, lead pages online, and anywhere where you have a connected moment with your audience, always more results can be found.

Imagine getting 20% better results. Now imagine 2, 3, 4 times the results. The power of copywriting is such that it can literally mean a marketing campaigns failure or success.

Understanding human nature and good word craft, a good copywriter can turn buyers with objections – junk mail or just an advert to something they want, and want to talk about.

Good sales copy as in the case of advertorials – advertising that appears to be editorial, needs to also be adjusted to that specific angle.

From Neuro Linguistic Programming techniques understanding human behavior patterns, to emotional word copy that gets buyers to feel safe buying your insurance services to words that get people to take action, like literally right now! Give us a call!

Sales CopywriterOur extensive partnerships allow us to bring you the best copywriting talent to get conversions. As always we don’t rest on that as the best. We perform tests, utilize a team of copywriters so that we are always getting you maximum results for your marketing. Whether a telesales call that needs the best script or an online page to capture sales or contact details to advertising, we provide you the expertise where you need it for maximum results that get better and better.

Get A Blog For Business

Blogging has an important place on the World Wide Web. Whereas social media is a new technology in comparison, blogging is to the Internet what USA Today or Financial Times and National Geographic is to traditional media.

Blogging enables connecting with your audience while giving value. In the past, unless you had an in house magazine or newsletter, keeping in contact with potential and current clients and customers you would miss out on that key connection.

Magazines, Newspapers and Tabloids are a way to help people interested in a specific topic to stay up to date with it. Blogging allows the same, however affords many benefits.

One of those benefits stems from our analysis to find out more about your target markets interests and what they are searching for. Being able to target these people with good content that drives them to your website is a funnel that enables success.

At Try A Million we provide you the best routes to get the best return on investment on marketing through bringing these people to your website and through carefully designed lead pages that are magnets at getting people onto an email list. From design of blog to ongoing content, and directing that traffic to your website and lead pages, we can provide you a long term solution to capture and captivate your market, while branding your organization. For larger organizations, we can do this multiple times to enable multiple routes of gaining access to your target market.


Get A Blog


  • Blog building
  • Blog design
  • Ongoing content
  • Social Media integration with our Social Media Management teams for content to be regularly in the hearts and minds of your followers and fans.

- How We Work -

Helping Your Organization GROW!

Getting Started

You are starting to see the importance of Digital Marketing and some of the areas in which we can help your organization sustain and GROW! Whether you are a local business that caters to the local market or online seeking the trade nationally or globally, Try A Million Digital Marketing services are here to help you.

Each business is different and has different needs and when you need results, our trained professionals can execute the marketing solutions that are best able to help your business and organization, whether you are a restaurant, software company, small business or large enterprise that needs to keep shareholders happy, Try A Million Digital Marketing solutions can help you.

We work with businesses around the globe, whether you are in the US, UK, Europe, Asia or around the World.

The next step is to contact us now and let one of our trained sales executives help to put together an ongoing solution tailored to your small or large enterprise that works with helping your organization sustain and GROW!