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Edible Gold Leaf – Gold Food For The Super Wealthy

We all love gold. Gold exudes feelings of wealth and some people say it makes you feel good. That bright golden yellow shine is something we all love in abundance in gold bars and ingots, gold that we wear and even to the food we eat. There are many options for foods that contain gold today, from pizza’s at selected places to gold on a menu in a high end restaurant.

You may be wondering what is it, these high priced gold leaf food you may see on a menu in a restaurant or other food establishment? Is it real gold and what it tastes like (if you have not experienced gold leaf food before).

There are two types of gold on food and it is important to remember we are talking about real gold on food, not an imitation foil. This is important.

After all, there is a real Rolex and a fake Rolex as a market stool touting me a £25 Rolex was an interesting sight to see strolling through a market, but the dials don’t work!

Real gold is the real deal and that means it is real 24K gold, which is the purest form of gold you can find in most places. It has that distinctive yellow gold look and appeal and shines as you expect. You can tell it is real gold!

Real gold on food is also not a chunky piece, so you should not worry when consuming it, however, you have to remember that there may be some food establishments which may add a real gold feature and this is not what we are talking about when we talk about gold leaf food.

Gold leaf food uses real 24K edible gold leaf. These are extremely thin sheets of gold that generally measures about 400 atoms thick and is made through a manual or semi manual process where a gold bar is actually hammered 10,000 times or more till it becomes extremely thin. Edible gold leaf is so thin that it is light as a feather and with a bit of gust from the wind or air and you see this thin edible gold leaf sheet starting to fly in the air!

Cake makers will often use edible gold leaf on the cakes they make and for wedding cakes or birthday cakes, a cake that has edible gold leaf looks amazing, elegant and luxurious.

As the edible gold leaf is extremely thin, at least the kind of gold on food that we are talking about, it is easily consumed. You don’t even notice it as you consume it. The edible gold leaf sheets easily break apart even with your fork or when chewing, so you don’t even notice it when consuming food that contains gold.

Again, I point out this is for foods that contain edible gold leaf and not a gold feature that may be more for show. Even though gold in its 24K state is easily malleable, I would not recommend trying to chew on a real 24K piece of gold!

Real 24K edible gold leaf made from real gold is recognized as safe and non toxic to consume, there is no addition of calories or vitamins. The difference between edible gold leaf and gold leaf which you may have seen before is that they are made with consideration for food consumption use and is great to use in both areas whether it is being eaten or being used for example on a sculpture.

Try A Million readers, why not try edible gold leaf in your home cooking, sculptures, art or even in your restaurant. You can learn more and purchase edible gold leaf from www.EdibleGoldLeaf.shop

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