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Marketing Is Essential For Business

While sales is the actual getting money into a business, marketing is its lifeblood. Marketing is golden, it makes successes and the lack of marketing makes failures.

I was once at a market, and the trader stood there, he began “shit for sale”, and said it again, and again. “Shit for sale!”

It might be an odd marketing tactic but this guy was very busy. He literally had something for sale, and people were coming to get it!

They say all news is good news and maybe for him it was good news and considering the amount of people surrounding to buy what was in these brown bags it was good marketing. He was selling fruit and the marketing allowed taking that spot to sell (sales function), to be able to succeed.

Whether you are a small business or large business, let’s face it, businesses are a difficult thing to run for a long time. There are not that many businesses that survive after 3 years, let alone 100 years.

Why do some businesses succeed

This is largely from a simple factor – marketing. It can also be that business is tough work, but after that hurdle, marketing makes or breaks organizations.

You can be in a desert, you can have the worst product, but still great marketing can bring great results.

Marketing is the lifeblood of business. Your customer service, your product, your admin team, your number 1 CEO all don’t matter. Yes, all these can refine and improve to make a great experience for buyers, but without great marketing businesses fail.

Marketing essentially is knowing your target market and best getting access to that target market.

At Try A Million, we provide several routes for marketing, with an online digital marketing focus and it makes sense, billions of people are online, and so for both online and bricks and mortar businesses that retail physically, the online world is an important aspect of gaining peoples attention.

As TV starts to fade and people are more and more online, we see digital marketing as an important route for getting potential customers attention. Yes, you need a great store, and a great product to make sales, but even with the above example of the seller of fruit, if you market well and get the attention, then you get the sales.

Take a look at every billion dollar organization and marketing is such a big focus. You will see Coca Cola even painting trucks and driving around at Christmas time, sponsoring sports events, advertising on television, radio, online with digital marketing and everywhere so that they can be in the front of peoples attention.

Any organization that wants to stay alive today and tomorrow doesn’t cut back from marketing, in fact it seeks more of it.

I remember once hearing that Ford has to pay as much in advertising and marketing to get a sale as what their car costs! For Ford, the long term is what is important, and which is why they are ready to invest so much into making a sale. It makes sense, and because they have a great product, they sell multiple cars to that person over a number of years.

For any organization that is looking to succeed or grow, and those that are, take a look at their marketing budgets and the bottom line makes sense. After that is the beauty of business, the science and the art of optimizing, but for now, marketing today, in the past and the future will always be essential.

Contact Try A Million today, and let us guide your organization forward. Start, steady or up, we can help you grow a robust organization with digital marketing.


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