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SEO Olympics Usain Bolt Style!

You prepare your self, and go to the start line. Around you are other competitors, and you are in it to win it. You kneel down and get ready, get ready for the start of the race, so you can start, and you can succeed.


Arms, legs, graceful movement forward, one leg after the other. As you tornado forward, matching the speed of cars, you see the finish line, you cross it. Tired and exhausted you won Usain Bolt – congratulations!

That’s how we do it at Try A Million! We don’t know about the rest!

You see, SEO companies – that is the experts come to us to solve the problems and help their clients reach peak performance in search engines.

Search Engines like Google, operate simply, and I am going to say about this as simple as Usain Bolt moving one foot after the other.

You go to Google and search for something – blue widgets.

Now, Google presents you blue widgets.

You go ahead and go to the site and like it and buy that blue widget or you go back and go to another site till you are happy with what you found.

DID YOU KNOW? Behind the scenes there are hundreds of factors that is used to determine who is in what position!


What you didn’t realize is that there were probably a million other pages in the search, and this applies to all the main search engines such as Google, Yahoo! and Bing.

What that means is that in this race there were 1 million others competing to be number one. You literally have to be one in a million in this example.

Sorry Usain Bolt, even you would have a hard time doing what Try A Million has to do day in day out.

Depending on the race, it can be more competitive or less competitive.

Some races, you may need to give it your all, because you have strong competition and some races, you do not need to give it your all.

If we go back to this winning race from Usain Bolt, we find that there was a specific amount of energy to win the race.

As a life coach, I can say that!

I can see the little and big things he had to do well before the race started and at the race, he had to make sure he had the energy to attempt the race.

At Try A Million we look at your budget, and make sure you are attempting the races that you can win.

We also can tell you details about the prizes, what is possible with that race.

For Usain Bolt to win, he needs the right diet, and training to succeed, he must also be able to perform the race at 100%.

At Try A Million we look at all these factors to make sure clients can win.

The result is a restaurant in Los Angeles can win, and so can a sowing machine manufacturer in Italy.

When you first arrive at Try A Million you will notice that we look in depth at all these factors. We look at your competition, and level of effort needed vs your budget, so we can help move you up the charts!

As we put you through several races, then you have multiple chances to win.

With consistent effort, over the months and years, a budget to tackle the competition, you move up the charts till you find, you are on page 3, 2, and then 1, and now you starting to see the people come in.

When you reach the top 5, you start to see a vast increase in targeted visitors who want those things because they are searching for them!

Now, the magic zone, the top 3. These 3 searches really take almost all the traffic. From 1 down traffic decreases, and so does the interest, but there is still much business.

The experience is like a business growing or becoming more and more successful, until like Usain Bolt, you the only one we looking at.

If you own a business name and you not showing up in Google, you absolutely need to call Try A Million in to get you found in the search engines. Contact us today at Try A Million and let us get you found online!

Digital Marketing Search Engine Optimization is a landscape that constantly changes, even within weeks it can change. With over 200 factors to consider, it is a complex game!

Both a science and an art, we have put to the top 3, competitions as high as 299 million competing pages.

If you wondering what page 1 can be worth for example to the word real estate? Very easily $500,000 or more per day – saved in advertising costs – what that equates in income produced, it is the stuff banks are made out of. When you consider paying advertising over the long term, and the benefit that SEO brings into the equation, SEO is a long term winner.

SEO is an investment, an investment into a long term benefit. Yes, you can pay for success, but SEO is an organic that can bring long term benefits like planting seeds in a field which then grow to provide seeds which further provide fruits and seed and you look and a desert is suddenly full of fruit trees.

You organization is a thriving organization.

It is said you have to be in it to win it. For that, you have to be ready to run the race and keep at it till you win.

At Try A Million, you don’t get 1 trained professional, you get many, looking at all those 200 factors and making sure that there is forward progress. Depending on your short term and long term goals for your organization, Try A Million hedges on several Digital Marketing Pillars so that you can experience short term and long term goals. Contact us today and let us help your organization sustain and grow.



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