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Life Goals Inspirational – The Red Light Doesn’t Mean Stop

Imagine, you are going on a proscribed path, i.e. goal orientated. You have your goal and you are moving forward. Now there is something in front of you, a traffic light. It is red and you come to a stop. Some people really do stop, and when it is green they no longer are moving forward.

You have entered your vehicle, you have your goals, you have maneuvered past your obstacles and started to gain speed. Now we moving! We making progress. You are moving along at a nice steady speed to your goals, but then there is this traffic light. This something other than your destination and it decides to turn red!

Suddenly all this movement, all this speed, you have to start slowing down and coming to a stop. The light changes to green but how many times in life does an obstacle present and you are then stuck from moving even though the light has changed to green. You could have made progress but so and so happened and now the traffic light that made you stop, turned green but there you are not moving again. Your engine is on, you are ready to move but there is no movement.

The traffic light again turns to red and you are still sitting there. The question becomes how many times this traffic light will turn to green and you will just sit there without making the movement on your goals.

I remember Les Brown saying about his own experience where he was proactively working and then had a 10 year period where there was no activity. Warren Buffett has previously spoken about this as the very times we are in negative, the more of them is a disaster on your long term prosperity.

Prosperity can come in many ways and it is not always just money, it can be assets or quality of life. After all, these all go hand in hand to make something worthwhile, which is generally why we will have goals. Even the goal to exercise daily in and of itself is enriching to you or reading a book, as you can learn something and so could be enriched by it.

It is one of those odd truths when we come across goal orientated people and those without goals. People do float in life and it possibly could be an indicator of the red light system. You are making progress and then the red traffic light causes this loop of waiting at the traffic lights, past the green light to another red light without making movement.

Now factor in so many roads and traffic lights and what do we have? The greatest disaster in your life. The matter of not making progress.

Consider these traffic lights and the moving forward. While generally people will not move past even a few of these traffic lights, each one passed while in green light will make a major difference to your life.

School, College or University, learning to drive a vehicle, learning to fly a plane, your first date, being in a job, the skill set, and progressing up the corporate ladder or getting a promotion are all ways we can pass these traffic lights on green.

Doing so makes a big difference in life. And the more you pass, the more valid goals achieved, the more you are on your journey.

Though life is a journey and for goal orientated people a proactive one, you also must remember that goals in and of themselves take us generally out of the enjoyment of life, even though we can set goals in such areas. The road and being on the road keeps us from all the distractions from each road. After all we are going somewhere! But at the same time of not being inundated with the things in the road, we miss life.

Though this touches on other subjects, this information being simply regarding the mode of yourself on the road of life. Start to think are you sitting at a traffic light past the green, and how many times you going to let in this set of traffic lights that you will sit, letting the red turn to green and you do not move and stay, how long, red, green, red green.

And it is ok, but you better get out of the car and enjoy the road!

Goals need forward movement and what you have set about is your vehicle to move forward and so if you come all this far, you better hit on the gas when you got your green light!


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