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$1.8 Million Ferrari Monza SP: The Most Expensive Ferrari Car Available To Buy Currently

If you are one of those that dream of a car with the biggest price tag, then you are in the right place. The mention of hypercars brings several companies such as Pagani, Ferrari, and Buggati in mind. All these manufacturers are already the top dogs for clientele who seek the most expensive cars on earth. We will find out the priciest vehicle when it comes to flashy-unattainable cars.

If you are one of those people that have a $1.8 million plus budget for a car, then you need to consider the Ferrari Monza SP1 and SP2. The Ferrari Monza SP boasts as one of the flashiest sports cars on the planet today. Monza SP series is relatively new since it was introduced to the public at the Paris Motor Show in the year 2018. The Monza SP aims to draw inspiration from the legendary Barchetta concept. The car is in two editions: SP1 and SP2.

The Monza SP is said to be the improved 812 Superfast chassis. The bodywork of the car gives it’s a modern makeover to its Barchetta style. Despite its minimalist design, the car combines the elements of the iconic 1950s racecars and the futuristic Ferrari model style. The manufacturers have used more carbon fiber which makes the Monza SP weigh less in comparison to its super GT sibling. The Monza SP, for instance, weighs 3307lbs with its single seats. The SP2 is slightly heavier but considerably lighter than other supercars since it only adds 45lbs to the weight of the SP1.

The minimalist interior of the car is revealed when one opens the scissor doors. Inside the Monza SP, you will find a single seat that is upholstered with real pure leather. The steering wheel is multifunctional and there is also a panel made of the plastic instrument.

The SP2 has an additional passenger seat. The passenger’s compartment, which is separated from the driver’s seat by a carbon-fiber section is a leather glove compartment.

Talking about the Barchetta concept in the Monza SP, the manufacturers put a revolutionary windshield. In essence, this is the aerodynamic section below the driver’s cockpit. There is a lot of air flowing over the vehicle’s hood. The air is deflected vertically through the hood creating an upwash air that flows at low speeds over the driver’s head. The SP2 is different as the passenger’s side only has a polycarbonate windscreen for protecting the occupant. Whether it has a virtual windshield or not, the car’s design is for recreating the experience of the legendary Barchetta race cars.

Without a shadow of a doubt, the Monza SP is one of the most beautiful sports cars in the motor industry right now. The cars are insanely powerful as they are built for racing. With the price starting around $1.8 million, there is no reason why you should not possess the flashiest car on the planet.

The price is not obviously for the common man but perhaps you just developed your self thanks to Try A Million, and you feel that you want to be one of the few SP’s owners. For more specifications about the car, you can visit the Ferrari website.

Though this is the current highest priced Ferrari available to buy today, it does not make the Ferrari Monza SP the most expensive Ferrari to buy! There are a number of antique and previous Ferrari models that can fetch much higher prices.

After all, Ferrari’s are known to increase in value with some models from previous era’s reaching higher prices than originally purchased at. This makes Ferrari’s that are kept well a form of investment. This is similar to the McLaren F1 where the price has increased substantially over the years.

Generally where a car manufacturer such as Ferrari starts to produce limited quantities of cars and they are really limited in the amount, numbering only a few hundred models or even less, the value could increase as the demand for the vehicle, and its age all factor in to make a more expensive model in years to come!

Though this is not investment advise, many people do earn lucrative money by purchasing such Ferrari’s and selling them on for much higher prices.

The Monza SP is a unique model, especially the Monza SP 1 which is a 1 seat vehicle, making this vehicle very unique as a vehicle and as a supercar. Though you can’t take on any passengers, the uniqueness of a vehicle that only one person can drive or go in at the same time, makes it a unique concept held only for Formula One Cars.

But the Monza SP is not a Formula 1 car, it is a super car that can be driven on the road. The Barchetta style Ferrari is available in limited numbers, so if you fancy getting your self a unique Ferrari in limited quantities, the Ferrari Monza SP is probably a unique super car that could fit the bill.

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