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How To Improve Time Management


Time management is an essential in a world that is looking to get ever faster, from computers to people, we constantly seek to optimize and time management is one way we make that happen. In this article we will look at how to improve time management whether you are an employee, client, student or even a parent or athlete.


At Try A Million, time management is an important factor. What makes us be at the leading edge of agile methods to bring about projects to be completed faster and better happens because of good time management and project management.

Time management is important for everyone because you are constantly experiencing time.

Improving time management can make all the difference on productivity and results. It can save people and organizations not only time itself – freeing up time, it can help you get more done. Often time management strategies can enable you to see what needs to be done in a better way and enable you to get things done much faster.

How To Improve Time Management Table Of Contents:

  • What Is Time Management?

  • Good Time Management

  • Time Management Skills

  • Time Management Strategies

  • Time Management Techniques

  • Time Management Activities

  • Time Management Methods

  • Time Management In The Workplace

  • Employee Time Management

  • Management Time Management

  • Time Management Tools And Techniques

  • Project Management

  • Time Management Training

What Is Time Management?
According to Wikipedia, time management is the act or process of exercising conscious control over the amount of time spent on specific activities, especially to increase effectiveness, efficiency or productivity.

If we left this statement at that we would be half way there, but there is much more to time management and being able to improve time management skills.

Time management as a definition is to manage time, and that is something we have been doing for thousands of years. Time management skills go beyond this and enable us to see a thorough picture because sometimes things don’t have to be done. As such the word in itself – time management helps us to manage the global time or the time that is in front of us, such as block time.

Managing time is a process which we perform and applies in personal and professional life as well as in education.

Time is ever present and as we all experience time, we can make use of our resource of time, rather than squandering it.

Time management began all those years ago when stone age man had to make use of the day  to gather food before night came.

As civilizations sprang up and people became organized into different work, time became ever more essential to manage and time management skills started in its infancy. Keep note that even today we are constantly improving on time management techniques so that we can better improve, and this is more true today than previously as we constantly seek to make more use of time.
Good Time Management:
Good time management begins with awareness. At Try A Million we need good time management. To be productive, you need to be aware of time which is why we even created a software called Bliss++ Timer! Being aware of time allows you to perform time management strategies and make use of those time management skills you have learned.

Today, good time management includes both technology and traditional methods. To get there though requires the right time management skills and the techniques and strategies that enables you to utilize both technology and traditional methods to become a master of time!
Time Management Skills:
As in all things where there is learning to gain proficiency in something, time management skills are no different and begin with the right time management training.

Time management skills can enable you to make use of time better. They enable you to look at what needs to be done, and once aware of time, you then can implement that magic to be able to steer yourself in the right direction.

Time management skills then become like a calculator where you can take that equation and actually process it to completion. You can look at the project and time and utilize it to accomplish what is needed – whether it is getting to work in time or managing a task.

When learning time management skills you will find there are several different approaches. Though there are technologies that can help enable making the process of time management even easier, it is important to keep in mind that the base time management skills are what is important.

These come from tips, techniques and strategies that enable you to master time and use it more efficiently.
Time Management Strategies:
One of the first things that you need to learn is time management strategies that enable to be able to deal with whatever is in front of you at that time, whether that is a project, task or time keeping.

Time management strategies are important and are more important than software or technology. Having the base time management strategies allows you to deal with time effectively whether you have the technology there or not. This is important as it is a mode that operates mentally. You look at what needs to be done and you bring on the thinking mode of your time management training. You then implement the time management strategies you know and then can perform at optimal performance knowing that you have the process in place which is the learned time management strategies you have learned and can apply in your life and projects.

Time Management Techniques:
Time management techniques can help us optimize time management even further and enables us to get even more leverage from the time management strategies we have learned. These techniques refine the learning we had with the strategies and enables us to better deal with certain things that comes up in our day.

What time management techniques gives us is the ability to deal with what we are working on and can become very specific that enables us to accomplish in the subject we are working on, for example for athletes, students, parents or even for business people.

Time Management Activities:
Even though we seek more time, oddly enough time management activities where we have to put time toward time management activities is paradoxically important for success.

For example, keeping a watch close and looking at the time is an essential that needs to be done! Without that activity we would be late or early for everything! And getting there early would in itself be time management as you became aware of time in the first place.

This is how important time management really is. One simple change can make all the difference.

Setting 15 minutes or even an hour to go over what needs to be done in the day or week can do wonders for you. Getting an overall understanding of your day or week or month or year can change failure and procrastination into being productive and seeing success.

Time Management Methods:
There are many different time management methods. Depending on the teacher or instructor, you have a different time management method you will learn.

This is why it is important to learn as much as possible and this really adds to your time management skills. Remember time is a resource that you have and it regularly slips by most peoples fingers. We hear about our potential as people and that we are not living our full potential and that applies whether you are achieving all you want or just getting there.

More time management methods you learn, the more you can adapt to the situation. You become a more valuable person. But, remember it is all born from first learning and then applying the time management methods you learn.

Time Management In The Workplace:
In any organization, higher up an organization you go, the more you see time management in the workplace becomes ever more important. High level management, leaders, managers and supervisors have to have good time management in the workplace.

When we see people rising or performing excellently, it is usually because of having the base time management in the workplace skills.

It always amazes me seeing people like Her Majesty the Queen of the United Kingdom, politicians like Obama, and other people who though they don’t work in the work sense, they are constantly going places. These people exhibit strong time management skills because often even in a day, a lot is happening and would not happen without time management skills.

Time management in the workplace can follow the same suit and it becomes possible to maximize time management to such a degree that we are prepared for all aspects of time management in the workplace.

Employee Time Management:
Employee time management is a topic that has much room to be improved on.

There are 2 types of employee, one that performs time management skills at work or those that don’t. Those that do, generally rise or are already in leading positions and this is important to note.

When you look at employee time management and people working in an organization, you can clearly see those that are moving ahead and those that are not.

This means that there is much room to improve on employee time management and when you do, you become a more valuable human being, both at work and in personal life.

If you do not currently have time management skills, it is important to learn time management today!

Management Time Management:
For management, management time management is an important part of the day. Not only do you need to make sure projects complete successfully, on time, and on budget, but you have to also manage people.

This makes the responsibility of management even more bigger and this applies to management as well as supervisors.

More you improve, more you become a valuable person to the organization, but also you need to consider the benefit you have to employee’s as they see you performing in excellence with good time management, it enables them to become more efficient.

To be able to lead by example and set a good example, all management positions need to have people in them with good time management skills and people looking ever to improve. Remember time is so much of a resource that companies pay for it! This shows that time management is a very important topic that we all need to invest some time into regularly at brushing up our time management skills.

Time Management Tools And Techniques:
I spoke about this earlier. Time management tools and techniques are aligned but time management strategies are over and above the tools.

This is important to remember because we generally see time management tools and techniques and think that we have mastered time management. The truth is without time management strategies, the time management tools and techniques become a half hazard method at time management. Sometimes we use the time management tools and techniques and think we have mastered time.

In truth, take away the time management tools and techniques and we are lost.

It is important to gain the time management skills. Like the calculator is important, but not understanding the base calculations are a danger and so it is with time management tools and techniques. Time management tools and techniques can help complement a good time management strategy.

Project Management:
At Try A Million we often can be bombarded with projects. Not only do you have items within one project, you have other projects. For organizations this is true and for many people this is true – you got a lot to do!

Time management is part of project management and though we don’t have to learn the whole of project management to understand or use time management, they can be intricately linked.

When managing time for projects, you generally are doing this in two modes, one is in planning and the other is in actual doing. When you perform time management with project management, you first begin by setting time frames for projects.

A project could take a 100 years if it isn’t planned and possibly never at all! What time management allows us to do practically is to make the plan, get started and get it done! This can only happen with good time management understanding that is second nature – not in a tool or technique but one or more strategies and methods that you implement in your day.

As a life coach and also Managing Director of the Try A Million company, I have first hand experience as well as experience from what I have seen coaching others in their lives. We can easily get stuck in planning and not moving to action.

Once I remember being at a seminar and there was this guy who went to all the seminars but after years still wouldn’t take action and his response was “one day I will get started”. One day never comes!

This is why time management is important in life. If you really know time management and it is second nature to you and make use of many time management strategies and techniques, you can move forward from project idea to project completion.

Time Management Training
To get good time management. To get to the point that time management becomes second nature and you making use of this stuff, you need time management training. You need the processes that enables you to look at what is in front of you and to make use of that time and know what you are going to do with that time.

This can only happen with time management training. More you have, more you use, the more you are efficient at time management and when you do, you can get things done. As time management applies to personal lives and professional lives, time management is something you need to learn today and improve on regularly.


Create a great day,

Kozan Huseyin ~ Managing Director
Try A Million


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