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Oscar Munoz United Airlines

Hello Oscar

I seen the news what happened recently at United and stretching out to you Oscar at this time with a friendly hand of support to help minimize your risks as an organization and personally to bring out that star moment where major milestones in careers are built and referred back to.

Oscar, by time you read this letter, you will know exactly how to turn this negative into a positive benefiting in two ways. A. a pivotal milestone in a career, that is refereed to as a mark of ones career where a big issue was made into its inverse positive. B. The vast public attention, albeit in a negative way, can be turned to the exact inverse to United Airline’s benefit. What is more, you can integrate this today without disrupting anything. There is nothing offensive about it, and people won’t find anything to argue with.

I am including in this message a full stop on the negative inertia and start to bring it to a positive.

This information I am making available, so you can implement it, right now, to protect United. You see, in the UK, the Northern Rock bank, suffered when it closed down in 2012 when public perception over one bank not having enough money caused a major stampede by the public which caused the bank to close. Science has taught us that in large numbers, people exhibit fear based mania that can cause a stampede in a way that can be detrimental to your organization and to your own integrity. As such, I am including this information here. If you find value in it, get everyone on board, implement it, see the benefit, and then message me back and I will send you the address to mail the check for whatever value this has been worth to saving United and making a major milestone that others look back on as a mark of great leadership in the face of a big problem.

1. “Call Oscar”
If you ever have a problem. Call Oscar!
Begin right now, and get a dedicated phone number up, that is considered access to you, like your PA. But slightly different, with a team of PA type with a dash of customer facing customer services skilled personnel.

Begin on one flight or a handful of flights to notify passengers that they have a right to “Call Oscar, the CEO of United Airlines”. If they have a problem, as long as no danger is present to any passenger, flight attendant or pilot, they have a right to “Call Oscar”. Everyone is aware that that is a time-out moment, everything is safe, they can Call Oscar. The PA / Customer Services gives top level service.

A national campaign can follow, with a big portrait of your self, and if any problems Call Oscar. The number is to an automated service with you talking, saying: “Dear United Airlines passenger. Hello and thank you for taking the time to call me at United Airlines today. I just want you to know, if you ever have any problems on any of our flights at United Airlines, you can request any member of staff to Call Oscar, and all staff will stop any actions they are taking, as long as no other passenger, flight attendant, pilot or security is in any danger or risk and will get you in contact with my office, and I will personally deal with the matter.

At United Airlines, we know the importance of the journey you make, whether it is to a wedding, going to work, a business meeting, a vacation or visiting family. You want to get there safely and in the fastest time possible. I want you, like all of our loyal customers at United Airlines to have the best experience from the start to completion of your journey. So, if you should ever have a problem on any of our flights, simply stop what you are doing, and say you want to “Call Oscar!” and my office will personally make sure you have the best experience possible as a loyal customer of United Airlines.

Thank you for your loyalty over the years and I Oscar Munoz look forward to see you next on a United Airlines flight.

you enjoy your day now”

Notes: A simple look at a checklist of recommended protocols that you see as the best for your passengers, the PA / Customer Services to follow. These people should be 85% PA, 15% customer service in skill levels. Customer services may not appear as what is needed.

Dealing with overselling. Put group of people into a Limousine or a Humvee depending on people there who you have oversold flight on. This can also be asked on the flight to everyone – we are oversold on this flight. Explain the situation, and say who wants to go with a limousine or Humvee, and take them like that. First request who wants to go with Limousine or Humvee, then see how many interested, then explain situation. Some may prefer travelling like that. As it is a group, it is cheaper on the airline to do this. It also benefits the local economy for those offering limousine hire. After the drive, get a video testimonial from people how they feel about United Airlines. This can be aired on flights, making people think that it is a prize (never said, but mentally appears that way) that oversold = won the lottery – you going in a Limo!

Oscar, I trust this information will help you in the next few hours and you can start to see the benefits today, if you see this informations value, and if you get everyone on board now.

Oscar, I also trust that you are a man of integrity, so I have put this here, and trust once you see the value to you and United Airlines when you implement these recommendations, whatever this system is worth to United Airlines, message me back, and I will send you my address to send the check for whatever you feel this system is worth.

Upon seeing the benefit here, within 2 weeks, and for the next 3 months, my company and trained professionals can provide a Digital Marketing solution that can over the course of the next 3 months design, implement and execute a Digital Marketing campaign that integrates without disrupting anything with your existing marketing efforts and allows United Airlines to take that increased perception albeit in a negative way that you currently have, and turn that in a 3 month campaign that makes a positive perception in the public mind.

Create a great day,