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The Try A Million Digital Marketing – Sales Force Guide

The Try A Million Digital Marketing
Sales Force Guide


This guide is a work in progress, and is aimed at providing a basic understand on selling TAM’s Digital Marketing Services.

How you will succeed here is through the guidance of helping these organizations sustain and grow. Being the bridge between their organization and their marketing division which is TAM and helping them in b. business


  • Basics
  • In House vs TAM Digital Marketing Services
  • Gauging Clients
  • Services
  • Pay


There are 2 types of customer. Those that are not really running businesses and those that are. Often the new people in business will not understand the importance of marketing. McDonald’s, Microsoft, and all large enterprise organizations know the importance of marketing, in fact they spend billions each year. Most very small businesses don’t know the value of marketing, and so it is important to know the client.

What we are looking at is getting clients on an ongoing monthly marketing budget at TAM with monthly marketing budgets in the range of $1,000 to $10,000, and a most minimum of $500. This is important because anything lower and most businesses will have hobby incomes online and not running a real business.

Marketing is the lifeblood of business. Businesses are like in deserts with nothing around, and online that really is true. Marketing brings people to their door whether online or offline and enables them to get business!

You are now a Solution Facilitator – because we are their marketing division that enables them to get more people going to them for their goods and services.

In practice it is a mixture of you knowing what the client needs and also referring back to TAM HQ for proposals and marketing mix.

To do this, we follow a simple procedure
1. Made contact, and learning about their business. And basic types of ways we can help (pitch sheet).
2. Questionnaire – we provide questions to ask, so we can tailor them a full solution that can help their business.
3. Proposal – we provide report on work to be conducted (though we speak about results, our work is in work)
4. Meeting – online/offline go through report with client.
5. Close sale – make the deal.

Be sure to read www.TryAMillion.com often, it can help you in facilitating clients, and it also can be good bait to message the client when you see a good article that can help them become more interested in our services.


In House vs TAM Digital Marketing Services:

It is important to remember that companies can hire someone in house. This means that the best they can get is local best, but TAM is a cloud based company, and can provide global best skills.

In house, costs about £34,000 for one marketing professional, and that is before memberships, software, tools, and then they have to actually spend money for the marketing! At TAM, they get on average 10 peoples expertise in projects, including marketing at a starting price that is less than hiring 1 person in house, and that includes the actual marketing!

Gauging Clients:

We spoke about the 2 types of clients – real businesses, and those that don’t really understand the importance of marketing, so may not see why they need it as much. Focus on clients who know the importance of a marketing budget.

Focus on clients who have a $1,000 to $10,000 budget. If they have larger marketing budgets, then that is still fine.

If they have less than $1,000, then still possible to get them, but no lower than $500. Anyone around $500 or less, then refer them to our available packages which we will be available on the site.

Listen to clients. Sometimes they might have a specific need. So, getting them a blog may be a start to a long term marketing budget, but overall, in this position, the focus is on those who see the need or can be persuaded to see the need of why marketing is important. And a budget of $1,000 – $10,000 is generally enough for most businesses to start to see results.

We start them on a small budget, and then review every 3 months.


TAM’s Digital Marketing services work as an exact science. First we look at client, and some of the things we can include in the marketing budget that suits them best – being creative. Then between you meeting with client, and us and you, we provide the best solution that we think can help them.

  • Search Engine Optimization (onsite improvement or suggestions if they already have a webdesigner and offsite link building, etc)
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Social Media Management
  • Public Relations
  • Content Marketing
  • Advertising
  • Copywriting
  • Blogging

Imagine a scale, left to right, on one end you have advertising, and on the other you have SEO, content marketing and public relations. When you come to us with a client, we look at clients needs and derive a mixture between the left and right based on their goals.

For example, SEO is a long term strategy, and advertising a short term strategy. So, we have to blend between both. We put this here because it is important to know. Some clients think they need SEO, but don’t realize that it is a long term strategy, so when we construct their budget, it will be between these short term and long term results focus.

How we work is that from the answers to the questions we provide and you ask, we can find out a results target solution. Remember we always work with our “target” of reaching a specific “ROI” – Return on Investment and “work” we do.

SEO – Search Engine Optimization
Search engines such as Google, Yahoo!, and Bing, display websites in their directory. There is processes happening behind the scenes when people do a search, and it is possible to bring a web page that is not visible to be more visible – i.e. rank. This is a long term process, and TAM finds out what the market is, what it is searching for, and establish what is the best ones that client can target with their budget.

Social Media Marketing
Over 1 billion people log into Facebook daily. Facebook is not the only social network, there are many, and there are forums, and other social areas. We can get them a presence in important places and also get popularity so people see a vibrant organization.

Social Media Management
From regular posts, to creative design of marketing so there is a regular voice.

Public Relations
Where journalists are involved and media, and today the blogging World, Public Relations or PR enables getting an organization heard in the public eye. Whether local media offline or online and national or global, we can get the voice out. Designing news, we can keep the clients organization in the public eye.

Content Marketing
Crafting content and getting onto popular websites in line with what the clients organization products and services include, we can bring them long term traffic from these placements.

Online and offline, on Google, Yahoo, Facebook, and in online popular sites related to what the client is selling to, we can get them the digital advertising to get them seen. We can bridge offline as well, radio, television, newspaper & tabloids and magazines and on Reuters building digital sign in Times Square in New York. And YouTube. Design, voice talent, pre and post production.

Copy Writing
Brochures, sales material, things in print. These to sell need a good copywriter. We provide them copy-writing skills according to their budget. They also get copywriters in advertising as standard, and lead capture sites.

Setting up another website for them – a blog and writing about topics related to their industry with advertising and links that leads back to their websites or a lead capture form which is designed to build an email list with specific people – such as people who want double glazing windows. If a client is not 100% on the marketing budget, this can be a great way to get them started on a simple long term solution – a blog and ongoing content on the site. Also you have the lead capture website and email system as another thing can pitch clients who are not feeling for the monthly marketing spend.

Generally where client needs a website, blog or lead capture website and email system, we aim to make the website, blog or lead capture free, and just have a ongoing marketing budget, emailing services, content on blog.

We can also do app design, programming, System Design (currently Bliss++ Timer software to help them organize their business – 1 free version license included when they get on a package).


How we are starting this. You get a percentage of the sale. We want to have a base target of 5% commissions. If you bring 2 clients or more per month, then you get all your previous ongoing clients commissions. Simply bring in 2 new clients per calendar month.

If a client spends $1,000 per month, then you get $50 each month or $600 per year from each client.

As an example, bring in 10 clients per month, and you get 120 clients in one year. If each of them are spending $2,000 per month, that is $1,000 per month earnings. After one year, if you want to relax and only bring in 2 clients per month, then you will continue to be earning $1,000 per month, as long as those clients are still on packages!

Yes, we want this success to work both ways.

Each sale also earns hourly credit earnings, which means after your first sale, you also get an hourly credit earning to cover your time. You also get  traveling credits, to cover expenses if need to travel to clients, etc.

You also get yearly volume bonuses depending on volume of marketing budget you have brought into the company. Your target is to have a Personal Million Volume of 1.0 or more.

Payments are made the following month for sales of the previous month. If a client cancels his package or doesn’t pay, then you will have to return any earned funds for that client. As long as we get paid you get paid, and as long as bringing in clients, and clients stay, then earn ongoing.

Anyone who has been part of TAM knows that we are building TAM to a £100M per year organization. What we need is a good team of people, not selling the sub $500 package, but to bring in clients on a monthly marketing spend where they can see real results. To get there we need to get you’s to be solid professionals who are well able to meet the challenges of the work.

This position is a specific kind of position at TAM, in fact it is the most important sales roles here at TAM and so offers the ability to earn any limit you have. We do not set any limits or ceilings on earnings in this position. People who are not good at selling these packages will still be able to earn through our regular service sites we have from time to time for packages that are less than $500.

This is a fantastic opportunity to help grow a world class organization and help our clients sustain and grow.

What to do. If you know business people, if you know how to find people looking to sustain and grow their organization, then we here to help. Start speaking to them. If need further help, ask Kozan. As we role this out further, it will improve and improve, and your skills will improve and you will get better and better results. As find people, find out more what they do, and consider if we can help them. Let us know details about business, then we can craft together a pitch sheet (never tell them it is a pitch sheet!), as you get better at the creative examples, you will naturally know how to pitch depending on their business. Then as they are more interested, then contact us for questionnaire (we will incorporate this on the site at some point), from there, once we have the answers, we can put together a report for them, and you can get them to place their order.