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SEO Vs Advertising – Which Is Best?

When it comes to effectively promoting your business, it is not just a question of getting advertising regularly or any other marketing type. There is always a need for a blend. At Try A Million’s Digital Marketing Division we assess each clients market and discover more about your clients what they are searching and what their interests are.

The question ultimately comes – which is best, SEO or advertising and which should get your most marketing budget? Try A Million’s Digital Marketing Division looks at what kind of clients you have and their interests as this largely determines more about your prospective customers and the best routes to get them.

Marketing Strategy


Ultimately you want to get customers to buy from you, and to get them to buy is to be able to be in front of them at the right time.




One of the benefits of SEO is that you can really get highly targeted. Think for example someone searching for blue widgets. We can find out what your prospective customers are searching for and help you to rank so that you are more likely to appear when your prospective potential customer needs what you have – exactly at the time they need it.

When we think about advertising, there are limitations. For example, advertising through leaflet drop may be the most un-targetted solution and it can still provide a benefit, but it depends on the business. Depending on the business, Try A Million may recommend no budget for leaflet marketing. It may also select that as 50% or more of budget recommendations.

If we think about television marketing, there is still largely an un-targeted avenue to get your message across to your prospective clients. What the television does provide though is slight targeting of interests. Appearing at certain times can help target certain people.

Trying to get the attention of adults? Late night may be the option.

Marketing Solutions

Magazines can also provide an avenue to refine interests even further. Computer companies can benefit from appearing in computer magazines.

Where Search Engine Optimization excels however is in supreme targeting. Imagine for a moment instead of what we call push and pull marketing solutions, you don’t have to push your message, instead allowing your prospective buyer to buy when they need your services.

Car towing may get a great solution through SEO because it allows targeting people through search engines in specific areas.

Let us think for a moment about search engine optimization or SEO for short.

When we think about advertising, this can also extend to buying placements on search engines and the case for SEO’s value is seen. When it comes to advertising, you have to keep paying for your advert to appear. The day you stop is the day you stop getting traffic, apart from the residual traffic from past advertising.

This is one of the reasons why big companies have big budgets. With big budgets comes visitors which may be prospective buyers and then the hope that the website is good enough to convert the potential buyer into a customer.

SEO or organic rankings are an essential for many different types of businesses and they can provide you one of the best Returns of Investment when you star reaching top positions for search terms with search traffic for those terms.

If you consider the benefit that once you reach there and hold your position, you will find that it can be much cheaper than advertising and getting to everyone but having so few interested in your products and services.

From a ROI stand point, SEO often comes out at half of what paid advertising costs to acquire the same amount of customers. The caveat is that you need to invest in SEO like how a farmer invests in crops till they grow and produce fruit.

Advertising is an ongoing process but offers an advantage that SEO can’t. If today you wanted to access one million people, we can get your message in front of those people. If you wanted 10 million or 100 million people to hear, see and know about your company in a short period of time, advertising allows this if you have the budget for such marketing.

With SEO though it is not an instant process. Investing in SEO may bring you a spectacular result which is better than advertising where every person is a person who is looking for what you offer which is great, but it’s not an instant process like what advertising and some other forms of marketing can offer.

At Try A Million’s Digital Marketing Division, we look at your business, where you are at, your goals and your prospective customers and interests. From there we recommend a budget allocation in various areas of marketing that can help you reach your organizational goals.

Contact us today and your Project Facilitator and Project Co-Ordinator will help craft a marketing solution that gives you the best solution to grow your business and organization.

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