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CLIENT – Claudius – Belgravia Finance

This project is a custom designed solution for named client.

  • Claudius
  • Belgravia Finance

Sales Manager: Kozan Huseyin

Package: Base A – no presence.


Package Price Monthly: £1,495

Month 1 inclusion:

Please see document titled “Digital Marketing Solution And Website” ref: K-44A-2017 for full details.

  1. TAMCA account creation to hold information about all projects.
  2. Analysis to discover what people are using to search for what you offer, and guidance on how many.
  3. Building of main website. (note this is included free based on terms) + 5 pages.
  4. Facebook page and base marketing for buzz (~1,000 likes) + 4 posts and any extra for website.
  5. Reporting (including of setup for monitoring what happens in search engines and your placement).
  6. Testing and adapting of processes to reach ROI goals.
  7. Building blog (note this is free based on terms), and 4x 450-500 word optimized articles + advert graphics on site.
  8. Retargeting advertising.

You can make payment with PayPal, Bank Transfer, cheque or bitcoin or litecoin and some select crypto currencies.

To make payment with PayPal, follow through with the following link (you will be placed on a 3 month subscription with monthly payment. You can cancel at any time as per our terms in notes):

To make payment with bank transfer:

Name on account:

Kozan Huseyin

Sort Code:


Account Number:




To pay with bitcoin or litecoin, with 5% discount it is £1,420.25, and amount in bitcoins or litecoins is determined at the time of purchase. Contact us for full details to pay this way. You can get bitcoins through this link or an alternative is this link. Keep in mind there is a premium on bitcoin and litecoin, so may need to get extra to cover package and with volatility may proove cheaper or more expensive. As this route offers an interesting route to really save, some clients opt for it.