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Ideal Word Count For Blog Articles

What is the best word count for blog articles? The word count in your blog articles is an important consideration to make. Should you go for long form or short form content when buying articles? Before you buy articles, understanding the importance of word count in your blog articles is important.

There are two options available to you when it comes to blog content, and that is to get content for your blog with long form content or short form content.

Depending on your needs whether you are focused on people or search engines, the use of content is important to both search engine bots as well as to your readers. They both have relevance.

For mini sites, you may want to go for a lower word count for your blog articles. These can be for example a special widget type website such as performing activities or quizzes. Generally, the content on these websites is going to be a smaller number. It may not be the best for search engines, but for people who visit your website, you will get the attention it needs.

Next we want to think about the bog standard blog, and that is an informational website. An informational website has two options with content and that is either to present an in-depth solution or buy Try A Million Article Masters Standard Articles for a light read.

If you are presenting how to’s on products, then a lengthy article can be of value, but when it comes to gaining interest for products, then a quick enough read is essential.

The Try A Million Article Masters Standard Article is rated at 450-500 words and is a great way for using for marketing purposes around the net. It is still our standard recommendation in article selection for many purposes. Low cost, yet long enough for search engines to index your content.

Longer form content can go from the 1,000 word articles or right up to 5,000 words or even 10,000 words. Though we don’t generally recommend this unless it is for certain content types such as reviews where you may need a review for many different items.

Generally, we recommend sticking with the 500 word articles or 1,000 word articles. This makes a cost effective solution and gives you more room for your budget to include more content on your sites. Two 500 word articles will provide you potential for 6 targeted keywords whereas a single 1,000 word article will provide you only 3 keywords to target, as well as any LSI keywords.

The problem then comes between 500 words and 1,000 words – which one will rank better. In most cases the 1,000 word article will with correct optimizations and a correct focus on topics.

This is where balance is essential when building your blog. But at least now, the word count of articles can be more easily understood so you know what package to get from Try A Million Article Masters.

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