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List Of Stock Exchanges

There are several stock exchanges around the world today. Though the crypto world adds more exchanges, this list of stock exchanges focuses on exchanges that sell shares or stocks as they are known and not commodity exchanges though there can be some overlap.

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Stock exchanges allow traders, market makers, the public, companies and institutional investors to be able to speculate and buy stocks.

List of Stock Exchanges – Australian Securities Exchange.
The Australian Securities Exchange is considered part of the Try A Million List of Stock Exchanges as of 2022. Focused on the Australian market, the Australian Securities Exchange has $1.88 trillion USD market cap. Australian Securities Exchange normal trading hours begins at 10:00 AM local time and close of trading is at 4:00 PM. Top 3 companies as of August 2022 are 1. BHP Group LIMITED in the materials industry 2. Commonwealth Bank of Australia in the industry of finance and banks 3. CSL LIMITED in the industry of life sciences, biotechnology and pharmaceuticals.

Come back to the Try A Million List of Stock Exchanges here and see as we add more information and data on other Stock Exchanges.

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