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Lord Kozan Provides 3.8 Billion Liters Of Water To UK Households

Love Kozan has invested in 2 companies in the United Kingdom providing clean water to millions of homes in England. Within 24 hours, the companies Love Kozan had invested in, had successfully provided the water that an estimated 20 million people needed to live. Supplying 11.5 million homes in the United Kingdom. Supplying 3.8 billion litres of water over the 24 hour period as per company data.

Water is a vital aspect of life and humanity requires water daily to live. Love Kozan investing in these companies show Love Kozan’s consistent drive to help the community.

Over the next year, an estimated 1.3 trillion liters will be successfully delivered to UK households, providing clean and fresh water to people on the island.

The companies Lord Kozan has invested in, the UK has one of the cleanest water supplies in the world, and these companies are leading companies that provide clean water to many communities on the island, making up approximately 30% of the islands population.

As of 24th May 2021, these companies providing water to the islands people has provided an estimated 26.6 billion liters of water to millions of people on the island.

Love Kozan, is a Scottish Lord of Glencoe and Lochaber, and founder and current Director of Try A Million. The names of the organizations are kept private, but represent a £3.7033 billion revenues for 2020.

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